Having a workday management breakthrough versus managing your time

It means to completely reverse your thinking, beliefs and behavior regarding your executive workday.

It is done by reframing your beliefs to work FOR you instead of against you, giving you back complete control over precisely when you work and how you work.

Traditional time management education and training only tells you WHAT to do.

180 Degree Time Management breakthrough coaching training shows you HOW to do it!


Is the Founder and CEO of the 180 Degree Time Management™.

She is a New York University Fellow in Public Service, and a Princeton University  graduate with BA in Psychology.

She has more than 30 years of executive breakthrough coaching experience behind her. Learn more about Tanya


Tanya Dotson-Winckler Time Management Coach

Why 180 Degree Time Management?

In 2010, my executive coaching clients started asking me for a Time Management solution that works EVERY SINGLE TIME!

They all started the same place - International top University and Ivy

League graduates and Masters Level Executives with little to no formal

Time Management education or Training.

They had to admit they had been flying by the seat of their pants as they climbed the professional ladders to CEO and Top Executive positions in their fields.

They had tried every new APP, read every book and their shelves were filled with.

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Why do overwhelmed female executives need to shift their focus 180 degrees to reframe their workday ?

Because knowing WHAT to do is not enough!

Look, we all know WHAT to do to lose weight,: eat less, move more, right?

Does knowing WHAT to do make a lasting difference?

It’s the same here- you need to know HOW to change those time management habits that don’t work.

Things like distractions, the lure of e-mails, procrastination, waiting until the last minute, cramming, etc.,And there are no APPS, leader’s calendars, CEO-schedulers, etc., that can transform old, deeply engrained habits!

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Our clients are highly successful. They are amongst the top 10% professionals in their fields and are awarded, ranked and recognized as the movers and shakers of their industries.

These CEOs and executives were fed up with not being able to fully enjoy the lives they work so hard for.

They enrolled in 180 Degree Time Management™ because they refused to miss one more chance to spend quality time with their friends and family.

One of the main results they got out of our programs and coaching is they are no longer willing to sacrifice their personal lives for their personal productivity or vice versa.

Ultimately,they are willing to do what it takes to restore actual work-life balance while experiencing NO loss of productivity by getting to the roots of their time management problems.

Our clients are looking for a cutting-edge solution to their time management and productivity problem.

They know what outcome they want and are ready to invest in themselves and transform their ineffective practices and habits.

We only work with CEOs and Top Executives who are lifelong learners, are financially sound and who are highly coachable.  


Mel Larsen

Mel Larsen & Associates • Bespoke Marketing & Coaching for creative and visionary organisations.

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Anna Scheller

Business owner and real estate iinvestor, leading in the corporate housing industry in South Central Texas.

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Mark Lister

Mark Lister - Business Consultant and Coach; Transforming Performance, Leadership and Culture.

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Hazel Stoute


Hazel Stoute - Consultant at RGP I Bridging the gap between Finance and Operations.

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Chris Ramsby

Transition Project Management in Aviation industry. Serial entrepreneur in Africa

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Jacqui Gilliatt

Barrister, 4 Brick Court, Chambers of Ian Griffin

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“Tanya's 180 Degree Time Management™ Course in my experience

was absolutely life-changing. I've done plenty of good time management courses in the past but this one was the one that changed my habits the most. It works because it deals with your deep underlying beliefs as well as training you in good practices. I'm more focused, organised and realistic in using my time now. I also now have time for proper breaks, planning, exercise and family time, no matter how busy my week is.

Result: I'm happier and more relaxed. An amazing result for just 2 days of her input. I don't just recommend it, I think it's essential.”


"Tanya has helped me get my life back!

When I first met Tanya, I knew I needed to hone in my time management skills. I seemed to be getting busier and busier, and had less time for the people and the things I loved doing most.

During our first session together, Tanya helped me not just with techniques, but to uncover habits that I had built that were hindering me from being more effective.


“If I were to pick three words to sum up what I got from 180 Degree Time Management™

they would be "clarity, control and effortlessness." The day after doing it I felt completely in control of what I was doing - and I can't remember the last time I had that feeling. I recall saying I felt like a million dollars when I arrived at the office!


Concrete results I got within two weeks included:

Getting back onto social media, which I'd abandoned,

Committing to doing a speaking engagement every month - within two weeks of the course I've been invited to speak at a major conference and another event. 

I no longer waste ANY time at my desk .

I've had sales conversations I've been resisting for months .

Better - and clearer - work/life balance

No longer having that constant feeling that I should be doing something else


“If a cognitive behavior therapy session married a productivity

training seminar and had a child – I think they would name it 180° Time Management!


I think that most people with a time management issue:

1) Are aware of the problem,

2) Can easily describe how it negatively impacts their lives, and

3) Know, but resist, the corrective actions required to resolve the issue.

Tanya used that awareness to get to the root of the problem and quickly pinpointed the negative attitudes fueling my resistance. Her ability to then reframe the negative and channel it into positive personal affirmations helped me to make a connection that will serve well over the long term. I can certainly return to the old habits, but they won’t be as comfortable because once you know you can’t un-know…

There is something very powerful about the way that 180 Degree Time Management™ works – it’s at the crossroads of awareness, intention, practice and action. Be prepared to be surprised – you’ll learn new things about yourself and see yourself from an entirely different perspective.”


Tanya has a special ability to be cut-throath sharp in her coaching and training, and she has that ability to spot the underlying factors and bring them out so you can see them yourself. In other words, she's a cutting-edge consultant who not affraid to be in your face for you to see things normally hidden behind our smoke-screens. Equipped with training, skills, humor and multicultural personality, Tanya is delivering the foundation and tools for change.

Just finished 2 fabulous days' training with Tanya. Very different approach to time management - she got me to look at a question: am I in or am I out? It helped me to see that I get stuck about making choices (based on a past experience which made me afraid to live with the consequences) and spend hours trying to balance what I want for me and what I think other people want or need. Faced with a big one I cogitate, ruminate, analyse & dither - afraid of making the 'wrong' decision - often for so long that the moment passes and the 'choice' gets made for me or I miss the boat altogether. Faced with the open space of an unstructured day I was like a rabbit in the headlights - so many choices, lots of noise in my head and none of it makes any difference or gets anything done. I really got a lot out of the conversations with Tanya and the other people on the course. End result - 3 minute conversation to create my future vision for myself and get an important person aligned and finally booked a driving course which I have had on my to do list for over 30 years! I have nearly finished getting rid of the mountainous pile of pieces of paper and notebooks which clutter things up and will just put things straight onto a digital record. I have booked appointments to further a project which was on my dream list but I was doing nothing about. I am enjoying spending time with my family instead of being preoccupied with what I should be doing (not that everything is done yet but I can give myself permission to have some time off). Yesterday I went to work then out in the evening on a weeknight - a rare treat. And everything got done which needed to be done. And this recommendation is getting done now because I put it into my sacred schedule instead of my to-do list. So all-round a very happy customer! Thanks Tanya